Josiah Update

I have serious doubts about whether anyone actually reades this blog anymore as our comments have dwindled.  I’m pretty sure that it might be due to the fact that we update sproadically and when we do, its been about Josiah most of the time. I’m not going to take it personally, I dont have much going on right now except taking care of Josiah and working out. I’ll get better. Its more fun to post when I hear from YOU, though.

Even as I say that, I’m going to post an update about Josiah.

I realize I havent put up much of what has been going on with him lately, so I’ll get you up to speed. At his last doctor’s appointment two weeks ago he was 22 inches long and weighed 12lbs and 3 oz. That puts him in the 25th percentile for length and 75th percentile for weight. Translation: Josiah is a chunky little boy! The doctor described him as ‘solid.’ We like that he’s putting on the pounds! He’s very strong–he holds his head up very well, is great at ‘tummy time’ and likes to stand up with our help. He definitely shows signs of wanting to sit up and be independent. He also likes to hang out in his crib by himself after he’s played hard or been passed around to lots of people. His favorite time of the day is getting his diaper changed! He smiles and talks while he lays on the table for as long as he is there.

I think the best thing that Josiah has accomplished is SLEEP! The past three nights Josiah has made it to bed between 7:30 and 9pm and stayed there until 5:30-6am!!! He wakes up a few times, but popping his pacifier back in puts him right back to sleep! It has been so great for Dirk and I to get a good night’s sleep! Its crazy how fast he has changed!

Ok guys, please let us know you are still reading this and we will keep updating with some interesting topics! –Kathy



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7 responses to “Josiah Update

  1. Mike Thompson

    I always check your blog, but rarely comment. We see each other plenty, but the updates are always good to read. Keep posting and giving us the latest pictures of Josiah and your thoughts.

  2. Rebecca

    Of course we still read…I check at least once a day…it is a little sad how often I check!

  3. Ah, blatant request for comments. I should try that again as I don’t get that many either. I just figure everyone is busy with babies.

    I’m still here though!

  4. I know it is a shameless plug, but when no one responds, it makes me wonder if anyone is reading or if I’m doing it for my own benefit. It also reminds me to comment on other people’s blog so that they will know I’m reading theirs too…


  5. jamie

    We should do a comment co-op, just to make sure we all feel loved.

  6. dirklittlefield

    Ha. Its a weird result of blogging. Insecurity based on the amount of comments. I guess it manitests itself in many ways. I’m sure one day there will be a program you can add to your blog to ensure an automatic comment from friends. I would sign up! 🙂 –Kathy

  7. Ashley (Hartman) Sumners

    Back before Josiah was born I was checking your page every day for baby updates, but now I come by every few days because you don’t update much. If you’re going to start updating more, though, I’ll start coming by more often. And I’ll be sure to comment. 🙂

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