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Founder’s Ministry 2007 Conference Thoughts

I do not have much time to write this blog so I will give my best effort in a time crunch.  Mike Thompson, Michael Anthis and myself (Dirk) went to the Founders Conference this past week.  We heard many excellent talks by Tom Ascol, Bill Ascol, David Wells,  Raymond Perron, and Roy Hargrave.  We had to leave early so that we could get ready for the 2007 Bunyan Conference this next week so we missed Phil Newton’s talk (but I hear it is good).  Let me urge you to go to Timmer Brister’s blog or PyroManiacs to read the notes they took.  It is a great opportunity to sit under the teaching of these men of God without travelling all the way to Oklahoma.  I figure that there is no reason to post my notes when you can get much better stuff from the two blogs above.  Let me also make a side comment.  Both of those blogs are excellent reading if you have time to read on the internet.

Here is my assessment of the conference over all.  I walked away from this year’s conference and last year’s conference very encouraged.  Most of you are thinking “well duh you spent three days being taught and refreshed.”  And that is true, but I am more encouraged by the commitment of so many Christian men that are part of the Founders Minstries to the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ and not some watered down feel good “gospel.”  I am also encouraged by the sincere concern for their younger brothers in ministry.  Tom Ascol, Ken Puls, and the other men in leadership truely care that we (us young guys called to ministry) have a support structure of Godly committed mentors and examples that can and will invest in their lives.  Thanks for that gentlemen. 

On to the books.  Here is a list of books that I bought while in Owasso.  Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service did and excellent job of providing quality books for us to drool over flip through and purchase.  I got the following books:

By His Grace And For His Glory  By. Dr. Tom Nettles (SBTS)
Abstract of Systematic Theology By James P. Boyce
Manual of Theology By John L. Dagg

For those of you who have never heard of John L. Dagg I have a summary of a biography written by Mark Dever in Theologians of the Baptist Tradition edited by Timothy George and David Dockery.  I quickly adapted this from a paper I had to write two years ago, so please be forgiving when you read it. 

Click this link: john-l-dagg-summary-blog.pdf

One more note:

I feel blessed that I got to meet and talk to the PyroManiac bloggers.  Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! –Dirk



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Founders Conference

Mike Thompson, Michael Anthis and myself (Dirk) are here in Owasso, OK (who knew Tulsa had suburbs?) at the 25th annual Founders Conference.  David Wells is the key note speaker and there have been several other very good speakers thus far.  I recommend that you go to the PyroManiacs or Timmy Brister websites to check out the live blogging.  They are all doing a wonderful job of reporting the talks from the conference.  I can guarentee that you will be blessed by the preaching of the speakers through these live bloggers.  –Dirk

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Another Learning Opportunity

I have decided to periodically post on educational opportunities that you can take from the comfort of your home.  I earlier posted on Biblical and now on to Covenant Theological Seminary.  Covenant is one of the  Presbyterian Church of America’s (PCA) seminaries.  Let me forewarn you that I don’t agree with some of the things that PCA teach and believe theologically (i.e. paedobaptism).  I do however know that they have the gospel correct and that they work hard to advance a good, solid, Biblical Gospel.  On this website they offer 21 free courses for anyone to take.  I have not yet taken any of them, although I intend to some day.  I think that the courses on Francis A. Schaeffer would be very interesting along with the Calvin’s Institutes and Midieval Church History classes.  If you get a chance you should check them out.  If you do, please let me know what you thought of them.  I think that we should all continue in our education either by formal means like being enrolled in classes, or informally through free lectures and books. 

If you are wondering when you will have time for this let me recommend a couple of things you can do.  I personally listen to lectures and sermons while I am training for the half marathon.  If you don’t run let me suggest what my friend Tom Woods does.  He loads up lectures on his MP3 player and listens to them on his way to work.  Or you can burn them to a CD (if you have a compatible CD player in your automobile).  And lastly, you can substitute learning for the time spent watching the television……yup I said it.  I figure I may be one of the most unpopular people in the world now because I suggested not watching your nightly does of shows.  Don’t get me wrong, I love TV.  In fact at one point in my life on my days off I would watch almost as much TV as there were hours spent awake.  I now have weaned myself from it and it is nice to not have it on all the time.  Before you come to behead me just know I still watch it, and sometimes too much.  But I have resolved not to let myself get addicted or consumed by any one show or the concept of the TV.  All I am suggesting here is one way to build in time to your day to first and foremost study God’s Word and then to study things that will help you in that study.  Happy learning!–Dirk

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Dirk and I finally got around to picking up some vital gluten at the store and made another loaf of bread in the machine. It didnt turn out the way we hoped:

pict0099.jpg pict0100.jpgpict0101.jpg 

As you can see it looks like it has a little more height, but it also looks like someone took a huge bite out of it while it was baking. I dont really know what happened there on the top. It looks like it didnt mix very well at all, but it doesnt taste bad. Dirk says its the best tasting loaf we’ve made. I’m convinced that its supposed to make it at least to the top of the bread pan so I know we can do better. I think I’m going to tinker with the recipe.

 In other news, Josiah turned 3 months on Saturday, and to celebrate, we took him out in his first ride in his jogging stroller on Friday. I really wanted an innagural picture of many more runs to come, but we forgot. Here is a picture of Josiah and me after our second run. Dirk actually pushed the whole time, but he opted not to take a picture of himself:


Josiah did great on our runs. I don’t think he even noticed he was in a stroller. He spent most of his time eating his fists.

If you scroll up and to the right, you will see we have posted more pictures on flickr.


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Bread Woes…

One day at my parents’ house, Dirk and I noticed their old breadmaker sitting tucked away in a cabinet. Since they weren’t using it, we asked to borrow it and make some fresh bread. Since we are both trying to be healthier we bought whole wheat flour. Apparently whole wheat flour is heavier and makes denser bread. Or maybe its us. Either way, this is the outcome of our bread meaking endeavors:

Bread shot

bread shot 2

Its the same height, and length on every side. This makes for very small pieces. We have made about 4 or 5 loaves but they all look pretty much the same. The recipe book says if this happens to go to a health food store and buy some ‘vital gluten’ I don’t know what that is, but its worth a shot. I’ll let you know if it works!

Any ideas? Robin? Rebecca?



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Josiah Videos

This is mostly for the grandparents. You know who you are. 🙂

These videos were all filmed today, so this is the latest of Josiah–can you believe he’s already 11 weeks old? Crazy.

The first and second videos were shot before church this morning. Dirk had the idea to put Josiah in his bumbo seat(thanks Robin and Jason!) and put him in the ‘hall’ so that we both could get ready and see him. I put a book we’ve read many times together in front of him and he started talking away and smiling at the book. We thought it was so funny we stopped getting ready and filmed him instead–which is probably why we weren’t early this morning like we were shooting for. Please forgive the shaky camera work. Its hard to get low and film everything while your back is to a closet and you can’t zoom out anymore. 

The second clip is short and its just funny for his outburst in the first few seconds of the clip. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

 The third is of this new thing he has been doing which is jamming his fists in his face and knocking out his pacifier. Its funny to watch, but frustrating when all you want him to do is sleep, but he keeps messing with pacifier. If you listen closely to the clip you can hear his heavy breathing through his hands–he’s really pushing them in his face. Why? Because he can. He likes his new trick.

 Hope you guys enjoy! –Kathy


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Jeter On Education

No not Derek Jeter, Jeremiah Jeter!  Jeremiah Jeter (1802-1880) was a founding member of the SBC and the first president of the Foreign Mission Board (now the IMB).  I was given a copy of The Baptist Banner by Eral Sutton today that has a portion of Jeter’s sermon entitled “The Obligations of Baptists to Their Distinctive Principles” inside.  Although the sermon was about keeping Baptist distinctives alive, I think that there is some truth that can be applied to all churches regardless of denomination. 

“Education is another and a most efficient means of supporting their principles which Baptists should not neglect.  The religious training of children is the great business of human life.  They do not need to be baptized, or to have a quasi church membership; but they need to be carefully and thoroughly instructed in divine truth; and God has graciously provided for securing to them this benefit, not through an unmeaning ceremony, but by implanting in the parental heard an affection, which neither time nor toil can exhaust, nor ingratitude can repress, and which prompts to assiduous efforts for the instruction of children in all that pertains to their welfare, in time and in eternity.  Baptists will be false to their principles, unkind to their children, and unfaithful to God, if they do not employ all appropriate means to have them instructed and confirmed in the faith……”(emphasis mine)

He has much more to say, but I’ll stop there.  As I read this I was saddened that he just described what most of, not only the SBC, but also other American churches lack in.  The thing he is calling his people NOT to do is exactly what most Christians DO in this country.  Now that I have a child I pray that my parental purpose will be to raise up my children in a way that they have been instructed in divine truth and that it purtains to their welfare functioning here on earth and more importantly in eternity.

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