Colic Woes–and Good News!

Josiah receiving some momentary comfort from the pain

This weekend we found out that Josiah probably has colic. He had been fussy and crying all day on Saturday so we decided to call the doctor’s office and find out if we were missing something. The nurse had the doctor call us and we described his behavior and he said that he probably had colic. I was so bummed! Everything was going so well with him and then we got hit with the possibility of him crying for the next month or two. His crying spells are now mostly at night and only last about 30minutes to an hour, so we really can’t complain. From what I’ve heard, most colicky babies can cry for several hours.

I received a magazine in the mail that had an article that said that around 60% of babies with colic are in pain due to the inability to break down the protein found in cow’s milk. It suggested that mothers who breastfeed should stay away from dairy products. I am led to believe this is true because last night Dirk and I had a milkshake and all morning today Josiah screamed in pain–from 5:30 to noon! I realized that I had started eating cereal around the time that Josiah started with his colic–so that might explain the nightime crying as well. Today I didnt have any dairy at all and Josiah’s crying only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and it was much less intense. He didnt seem to be in pain at all!

 I’m so excited that this might be a breakthrough. The only downside(and it is a very selfish complaint) is that this means no ice cream.

I will keep you posted about his progress and let you know of complete elimination of milk is the way to go! –Kathy

Josiah and Daddy


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  1. Oh, I’m so excited for you, I hope it really is the dairy stuff! Of course I feel for you completely regarding the difficulty of living without ice cream. I was just telling a friend today how I could eat ice cream and milkshakes all the time and I would be the happiest (and heaviest?) girl in the world! Anyway, that’s beside the point. I’ve been thinking of you a lot, and I’m so glad you have found something to try to help the crying.
    That is such a precious picture of Dirk and Josiah!

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