Josiah Is One Month Old!

Josiah is one month old!

This is my first blog ever on wordpress. It was sad for me to switch over, but here we are. Today Josiah Judson Littlefield is one month old! Its crazy, time has truly flown. I just thought I would post a picture of him fromthis morning. He is now able to focus and track things with his eyes, and he is able to entertian himself for a while instead of having to be held almost all the time. He’s growing up so fast!!  –Kathy



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4 responses to “Josiah Is One Month Old!

  1. Happy one month!

    I like how his little toes are spread out on his right foot.

  2. Amy Ratliff

    Aww, what a cutie! They grow up WAY too fast! Can’t wait to be your neighbor…in like 3 weeks! woo hoo

  3. Grommy

    This is THE PICTURE!! He is changing so fast!

  4. dirklittlefield

    Yeah, I love how they are all spread out–he’s definitely got Dirk’s toes! –Kathy

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