What One Jew Said About The 10 Commandments

We have PBS as one of the TV stations we get on the antenna and it has some very interesting shows.  The other night there was a local round table discussion of a Jewish rabbi, a Christian pastor, Ba’hai Faith guy, a Muslim and the moderator.  The first question asked was about the 10 commandments.  The Ba’hai representative went off about how all religions worship the one true God in different ways…..wrong.  I won’t even comment any more about that.  What caught my attention was the misunderstanding of the Jewish rabbi.  He said that the 10 commandments were a symbol of their covenant with God.  A symbol??  From my reading of Exodus 20 those were more than just symbols.  I mean the title 10 COMMANDMENTS sure does point to something more.  I was burdened for the misunderstanding of the requirements of a Holy God.  Those are more than a symbol, and because of our depravity we have broken them (probably all of them this morning).  Therefore, we (all humans) stand condemned before God without Christ’s atonement.  I think about Numbers 16 and the action God took because of the strange fire as a warning. 

So why write all this?? First, to encourage you  and me to study the Bible and strive through prayer for God to show us the proper meaning of His word.  Second, to encourage us all to pray for ethnic Jews to be changed through their reading of the Old Testament (those who read it).  I focus on them because many times I pray for those around me and I don’t know anyone Jewish.  I need the reminder.  –Dirk


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