Biblical Training

In the past I have recommended websites for Christian education.  Let me do so again.  I would like to reintroduce Biblical Trainingto you.  It is run by Dr. William Mounce who is a pastor and Greek exegete.  There are courses on this webite for new Christians, Christian who want to be better educated (called foundation courses), and seminary level courses for church leaders (called leadership courses).  This site has a course for everyone and I hope that you all take advantage of it to grow deeper in your faith.  I personally will be listening to Dr. Bruce Ware’s systematic theology course this summer in preparation for his Internet course I plan to take in the fall.  Let me challenge you to step out and do something this month to better equip you to study the Bible.  If listening to lectures is not what you can do please find a good book to read.  I have several I could recommend.–Dirk



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3 responses to “Biblical Training

  1. Hey Dirk,
    Thanks for the site recommendation, it looks really great (for lack of a better word). When Scott and I visited our friends in Louisville last fall we were able to attend 2 of Dr. Ware’s classes: Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology of Worship. We really enjoyed both of them and I definitely wish I could have heard more!
    So, what are your book recommendations?

  2. Here are some books to get started with. If you want some more indepth stuff, I can probably recommend some for that too:
    -Heroes and Heretics by Ian Campbell
    -The American Church Experience by Askew and Pierard

    Spiritual Discipline:
    -Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

    The Church
    -The Deliberate Church by Mark Dever

    -Consise Theology by J.I. Packer

    -The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul
    -The Mortification of Sin by John Owen
    -The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

  3. Mike Thompson

    Thanks for reminding us of the Biblical Training website, Dirk. We would all do well to take advantage of such resources, especially when they are free.

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