Big Orange Sticker Frustration

big orange sticker

 This last week I had to go back to school and leave my wife and new child behind at home.  This wasn’t fun to say the least.  To compound the sadness of leaving I have a big orange tow sticker on the window of the car (I think they super-glued it on).  Why?  I don’t know.  It says it is because my registration sticker is out.  So now our wonderful apartment complex is worried about my registration sticker while there is an abandon car three spots down and a huge dog on the 2nd floor that had left a urine stain down the side of the building because the owners don’t bring him down to the grass.  Ah the frustrations of living in apartments.



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2 responses to “Big Orange Sticker Frustration

  1. Did they actually tow your car or did the apartment just put the sticker on the window?

  2. The apartment complex has a contract with a towing company and the towing company put the sticker on in the middle of the night. I doubt the manager of the complex even knows which cars were stickered.

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