Josiah Judson Littlefield

On Saturday morning 3/31/07 I was awoken by my wonderful wife saying “I think the water broke.”  I by no means am a morning person, in fact I used to joke God isn’t even up that early (yes I know that isn’t true, it was just a way of saying it was too early).  My first initial thought was that the water in the apt had broken and we had a big mess.  How did she know this?  Did the toilet stop?  Was there water on the floor?  Then she informed me that her underwear was wet and there was more streaming out.  Now picture a half asleep freaked out guy running around trying to pack his own clothes that he neglected to do against the advice of others, that was me.  We contacted the midwife on call, called Sharon (our doula) and off we went to St. Lukes.  After a brief stop for gasoline we made it to the hospital where they admitted us.  The nurse put Kathy to bed and didn’t want her up and around until she was examined by our midwife!  After about 3 hours the nurse finally talked to the midwife and Kathy was allowed to walk around.  That is when the work began.  Walking helped bring the contractions on and the understanding of why they call it labor.  I was just helping Kathy and I was worn out.   At 5:18 pm the Lord brought forth our baby Josiah!  I still believe he is the cutest baby in the world (yes I did use cute).  It was a relief for us that our birth went the way we wanted.  Kathy went with no pain medications and the Lord gave us both endurance to survive the taxing day.  I highly recommend Sharon and First Birth Ministries for preparation on natural child birth.   With all that being said, I’m going to rest this dad thing is tiring.–Dirk


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  1. Praise God for your firstborn son! I am so thrilled that you were able to have the birth experience you had been hoping and praying for! I hope that Scott and I can come visit and meet Josiah sometime before he is a toddler!
    I had been checking your blog almost everyday b/c for some reason I just had a feeling that he would come early…praise God for that as well…you were able to avoid the anxiety over whether or not you would have to be induced!
    P.S. I like the new blog!

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