?New Blog?

Why switch from blogspot to here?  Good question.  Let me explain.  First of all this blog is really cool looking.  I can’t afford a mac but I can at least have a blog that looks like it was designed on one.  Second, there are more options with wordpress.  For example I can put in a custom template and then change around and design the header.  The picture above is one that I took in Scotland.  Lastly, and more importantly, I can’t log in to blogger from my computer any longer.  That is the major reason for me not blogging.  Kathy can log in from her laptop, but I am not able to.  I tried to fix it and faithfully went through all the steps that blogger suggested.  The last step to fixing the problem was “use a new browser.”  WHAT?!  There is no way I’m downloading a new browser that probably will crash this old computer so I can use there blog domain.  It is easier, nay cheaper, to get a new blog engine and not crash my computer.  So there ya go.  We have a new improved look to the blog.  What do you think?  I’m going to try to move all the old blogs over…they say they can do it for me.  We’ll see.–Dirk


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4 responses to “?New Blog?

  1. congrats on the kid. it’ll be good.

  2. I signed up for wordpress to see if it really was better, and I didn’t even have the option to write a new post. Jason couldn’t figure it out either, and I just gave up. Boo on wordpress.

  3. dirklittlefield

    That is odd. I’ve never had a problem except there are more options and that makes it more complicated.–Dirk

  4. kris

    Money, Time, & Effort… Hmmm. One would think that you already those things earmarked for the blessing that God has so graciously given you(Deut 6). We Need to finish those last 2 chapters of Deut. soon.
    We are so excited for y’all! We give thanks with you to YHWH. “…Our God is in Heaven and does what he pleases”

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