I have not been a faithful blogger, and I’m not going to promise that I will be better or anything of the like.  I let the pressure of writing well or only posting with pictures, get to me and I have given up before I started. Alas, there is only so much you can convey in a facebook status, and even though I can list 6 things that I should be doing right now instead of sitting on the couch with my netbook, I’m going to try to share a little bit about our little family. Namely, the kids:

  • Josiah and Naomi have become great playmates. I know that this will not last forever so I treasure it when they wrestle, laugh hysterically at each other for no apparent reason, or play with Josiah’s cars. Its magical.
  • Naomi is a little puzzle. We are just now starting to figure her out. Either that, or she is starting to really display her personality. Probably both.
  • She is fiercely independent. She doesn’t want to feel constrained, controlled, or held back. I’m sure having an older brother who can do so much more has helped her want to be ‘big’.
  • I love it when she cuts her eyes.
  • When she does something that she knows she;s not supposed to(like spit out her food, drop food on the floor, or rub her hands in her hair while eating), she’ll look at the floor and then slowly lift her eyes to meet mine. I’m not sure if she knows what she is doing, but it works. I can’t be serious.
  • She is incredibly playful. She loves to roll around and wrestle and play peekaboo. Anything physical.
  • Josiah is finally starting to sing! Forever, he would listen and absorb music, but now he is finally starting to sing what he has learned. The boy is a sponge.
  • He likes to play his guitar and if he hears a song or anything that inspires him, he’ll run to his stand and get his pick and play his heart out. He sings loudly and plays with passion. I hope he keeps it up, because its is so sweet.
  • He loves cars and trucks and can tell you what most vehicles are and what they do. Right now he really likes corvettes  and can spot them a long way off. We have a lot of corvettes in the area.
  • He is a great protective older brother. He is always aware of where Naomi is and I can count on him to make sure she is far, far away from the kitchen when I am taking something out of the oven.

In related news, we are expecting the littlest Littlefield in October! I had an ultrasound early for a check up and found out that we are having a boy! Yay! We didnt really have a preference, but its fun to know.

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Morning Fun

J and NJ had fun together this morning. As soon as I whipped out the camera they kind of forgot what they were doing, so this is all that I caught. Pay no attention to the mountain peaks of laundry in the background.  Everything was promptly folded and put away as soon as I was done taking pictures.

P.s. I have a new blog.  No kid pics, though. Yet.


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Naomi shoot.

Dirk and I got a kick out of these pictures that Josiah took of Naomi last night.  Please do not notice the dust, fingerprints, and digital converter box that was never used.  Just enjoy the sweet baby girl and her budding photographer brother.

Naomi is 10 months old today.  Crazy!

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Musevisa DBC 2009 #6

I thought this Norwegian carol had a funny name.  Kathy said I would tell you that it was  found on Wikipedia.   I picked it because I pronounce it “moose-visa” which is probably wrong.  But I needed a way to blog about Josiah and his fear of Moose, meese, mooses, or whatever the plural is.  We have several books that have a moose in it that have “scary” parts in them.  Josiah now talks about a moose being outside his window when he is scared and doesn’t want to go to bed.  Also when he sees shadows outside he says they are moose.  It is pretty funny to see what he is scared of and at the same time I feel bad for him.  Needless to say all moose books have been put away for now.  –Dirk

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Over the River and Through the Woods DBC ’09 #5

This coming weekend we are heading out to my dad’s house for Christmas.  Not only are we going to eat well, hang out with family, and exchange gifts with the kids; we are also going to have the 2nd annual family pinewood derby race.  Yes you heard me, we race pinewood derby cars, and it is awesome.  It started a couple of summers ago when we watched my nephew race his car.  Of course we all thought we could do better than a bunch of kids so my dad invested in a track with the stipulation that we would race yearly.  Last year I got beat by my brother-in-law (which is not uncommon in anything we do, the dude is freakish good at everything!).  What makes it worse is that he had the exact same car as me, but with a way better pant job.  He also didn’t follow seem to know the rules about the wheels.  Regardless he had a great car that deserved a win.  This year I fully expect to win with the cool black and chrome car Josiah and I are building.  Pictures will be coming.  I have also secured a way to track times via the computer system on the track.  Oh I can’t wait.  I love nerdy stuff like this.  –Dirk

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Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer DBC ’09 #4

I realize that I am at least a few days behind and so there will be several posts tonight to make up for it.  On Saturday my dad and step-mother came down and had lunch with us and I drove them over to Sam Houston State to watch a playoff football game.  It was the 2A Division II Semifinal game featuring Daingerfield vs Refugio.  Growing up I went to a 2A high school and participated in a semifinal game my freshman year (I stood on the sideline because I was a freshman), so I was really excited about the game.  Here is my my short version notes about the game, if you want to learn why I picked that song title or you think football is boring skip to the bottom.

Daingerfield has one loss to the 3A state champions and it was a narrow defeat, so needless to say they are good.  From my understanding it has not taken them more than 5-6 plays to score on any of their opening drives so when they were losing 3-0 at the end of the first quarter I was shocked.  Refugio strength in the game was there size and a running back who just wouldn’t stop moving his feet until the whistle blew (a rare thing these days).  Although Daingerfield was out matched on size they made up for it in speed.  They were hands down the fastest overall team I have seen play as a high school team including the 5A schools I worked with.   By half time Daingerfield had come back and scored several times and the half ended 28-3.

The 2nd half was about like the first.  When Refugio got the ball they drove down the field very slowly.  They were my kind of offensive team, just lining up and running the ball.  But they fumbled a few times and used way too much clock.  The game ended with the Daingerfield Tigers winning 35-10.  I know how those Refugio players felt because when I was in high school we lost the semifinal game 35-17 to a school that wasn’t too different than Daingerfield, just slower.  The worst part of the game was that a Refugio player got hurt with 30 seconds left in the game.

So why the title you might ask?  Well there were several instances of things getting run over on Saturday (although not by a reindeer).  First, at the game there were several kids that just got run over.  There is no other way to describe it, the replay screen was nice because we got to see it twice!  Those kids were hitting hard.

Second, on the way home a fender had come off of a trailer on IH-45 just south of The Woodlands and I saw it about the time the SUV in front of me one lane to left ran over it.  At that point I couldn’t judge where to move because I knew it could shoot out into my lane or stay in the left lane (its amazing how clear and lengthy your thought are in the few seconds before an accident).  Well it came into my lane and I couldn’t swerve to miss it in traffic so we took a direct hit in my dad’s Toyota Avalon.  As it came out from under the SUV I thought it might come up on the hood and hopefully over the top of the car and not through the windshield.  However, the fender went under the passenger side tires and swung around hitting the passenger side door.  We were all ok and the tires surprisingly didn’t blow out as I had braced myself for.  Dad’s car however has a nice 8-10 inch long gash on the passanger side.  4-5 inches of it went all the way through the paint and dented the door.  I felt bad, no I felt really bad.  But as he always says “we are ok that is what is important” and “that is what insurance is for”  Spoken like a good dad and insurance agent!  I guess in you live in Houston long enough you will be forced to hit some sort of debris on the road.  Thanks for coming down and taking me to the game dad!  It was a blast!—Dirk

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The Wassail Song DBC ’09 #3

I heard this song growing up and didn’t know what the heck wassail was.  There is this memory stuck in my head of a Christmas special where all the Christmas songs were messed up and I couldn’t figure out what wassail was once the song was corrected.  I digress.

After Kathy and I met I fell in love with wassail (and Kathy), her mom makes it every year over the holidays.  There have been times where I carried my mug around all day full of wassail.  There is no telling how much I drank those days, and we never seemed to run out.  Recently we have been making it at home at night and I the other night saw Alton Brown make it with alcohol (hence the ale part of the name I guess) and eggs.  I guess either I was blind to its popularity for a long time, or it is a new fad because I see it all over the place.

There seems to be great variation in recipes here is ours.  Note that we don’t really measure it is done to taste.

-Apple cider (or juice)
-Mulling Spice (from the bulk section of HEB)
-Cinnamon Stick (from the bulk section of HEB, if no has stolen it again)

Heat all ingredients together over stove in a pot or in some other heating device for a while (normally until it bowls or you just can’t take smelling it and must drink it).  Cindy has used a percolator and it worked great.  If you want to share your recipe in the comments that would be great with me.  Who knows I might adjust my our recipe.–Dirk


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I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas DBC ’09 #2

Ok I don’t want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  But while searching for titles of Christmas songs I found this and had to use it.  Who writes a song about a Hippo for Christmas??  And what in the world to you write about with that title?  I think there are two options.  #1 I could post about a Hippo (not gonna happen today) or #2 post a couple of things I hope to be able to do over Christmas break and a few of the things I hope to get for Christmas.

Having a house to take care of is great most of the time.  But there are always some improvements we want to make.  This winter break from school I would like to put in a drain out back so that it doesn’t turn into a great lake when it rains.  The doors need to be finished being hung along with a little painting. That is pretty good chunk to start with and get done especially since we will be traveling some.

Let me say it again, I do not want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  In fact there aren’t many things that I want, or that are at least reasonable things to want for Christmas.  So instead of boring you with those material things I’ll tell you what I am looking forward to this Christmas.  I am, for the first time in a LONG time, excited about Christmas.  I normally don’t announce this but it isn’t my favorite time of the year.  However, this year I am looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning with the kids, having breakfast and watching/helping them open gifts (and then playing with them).  I’m so excited about this that Josiah and I already have Kathy’s present under the tree, he helped me buy and wrap it.  That’s pretty much the only gift I’m responsible for this year.  My wonderful wife is taking care of the rest of it.  Thanks babe.

Just to see how many people are actually reading this I am going to ask that you comment and tell us what you are looking forward to this year at Christmas.–dirk

** Note Josiah doing the Hippo impression in the picture at the top of the blog.


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This is one of the challenges that I do enjoy because it forces me to actually write posts for the blog.  We talk about doing more here and we may possibly add our own blogs and turn this into one for family stuff, maybe.  I digress.

Today I finished my 9th semester of seminary, yes that would be in year #5.  Most of us here at SWBTS – Havard are on the “extended” plan.  I don’t know of many people who get out in less than 5 and most are 6, 7, 8, or 9 years.  To make myself feel better about the semester I am going share a few of the things I learned from 2 class, 2 papers, and 3 exams.

-Writing a paper on the logos in John chapter 1 and its necessity is more difficult that you would think.   I was shocked to not be able to find the amount of sources I wanted.

-There is a whole movement of multicultural churches going on in several denominations and my professor work hard in that movement.

-I learned the value of actually sitting down and making myself learn what every chapter in Acts is about.  You should all try it, I find it most helpful and plan on doing that for all the books of the Bible.  Don’t judge me that I haven’t done that yet.

-Memorizing the beatitudes is one of the most humbling things you can do and will make you really ponder the seriousness of your Christian walk.

Former college and NFL football players can be professors despite the number of hits they took.  David Klingler (former UH and NFL quarterback) taught this class and was finishing his PhD dissertation at the same time.  That dude can read the Hebrew text almost as fast as I can read it in English!

-My Hebrew needs a little practice.  I need to use it more than once a week.

-Genesis is rich with theology and I don’t know how I read scripture correctly without a firm grip on that book.  If you haven’t studied I suggest that you do.  I can point you to some resources if you need them.

-Knowing what happened in each chapter helps bring the book together as a cohesive unit and took away the idea that the stories weren’t connected.

-Writing a 10-12 paper explaining the thesis: “the story of Genesis is about the beginning of the creation of an obedient nation Israel out of whom will come the promised one” is doable but very hard.  That could have easily been a 50 page paper.

Now that it is over, I would say it was a good one.  But I am really glad it is over.–Dirk

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DBC 2009

DBC starts tomorrow. So we will be posting for the rest of the year daily, so check in regularly. I am going to say that is why we haven’t posted much this year. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.–Dirk


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